Consign Services

From roller coasters to log flumes to giant wheels, new installations to upgrades or replacement of existing systems, programming changes to remote support, we have you covered.

  • Design

    Safety is always our number one priority. Safety begins with intelligent design. We design our systems to comply with the latest safety standards.

  • Build

    Our control panels are designed and built with ease of installation in mind. We thouroghly test all factory wiring and devices before shipping your system.

  • Commissioning

    On-site setup of your system includes testing of all I/O devices, PLC programming, and hands-on training for maintenance and operations personnel.

  • Programming

    Our programming expertise spans from PLC-5 A.I. to the latest Allen Bradley RSLogix5000 and Siemens STEP 7 software.

  • Visualization

    HMI visualization is important to both maintenance and operations personnel. Our touch screen HMI devices intuitively show the status of your system.

  • Support

    We support all our ride control systems, past and present. Please use the Contact page if you need support.

  • Troubleshooting

    Our error display program helps you minimize down time by displaying a specific description of and resolution to any problem that may occur.

  • Documentation

    We provide a detailed operator's manual, as well as full sets of electrical layout and schematic drawings for all our control systems.